Scripta manent

On the photos below you see the international exhibition of artistic bookbinding Scripta manent V that took place at the Estonian Museum of Applied Art And Design in Tallinn in 2015.
Photographer: Teet Malsroos. View also: 

 Since the 1st exhibition in 1995 Scripta manent (writing remains) has always been dedicated to introducing Estonian culture to the world. I as a founding member and a longtime head of the Estonian Association of Designer Bookbinders have always been one of the main organizers of the Scripta manent exhibition and the conference.

The Scripta manent exhibitions take place in every 5 years. At these exhibitions  we always follow the set practice that all participating artists bind the same collections of text by different Estonian authors. The Estonian and English language texts give the participants plenty of possibilities to interpret Estonian literature into the form of bookbinding. The 6th Scripta manent will take place in 2020.